The Sunderland Future Living Expo is a significant event for the UK, exploring challenges and opportunities around housing innovation, technology and sustainability.

A substantial marketing, PR and communications campaign will accompany each part of the programme to deliver audiences to Sunderland in 2023.
The high-profile nature of Riverside Sunderland, the Expo site and content will be fully utilised to tell the story behind the Expo and the visitor experiences on offer.

The city itself will provide multiple touch-points for wayfinding and digital content, utilising 5G infrastructure. A series of totems will mark the route to the Expo site from across the city, linking event information, directional signage and providing digital access.

The site will also be animated using spaces for original content and information, such as large-scale screens. Expo Pavilion will be an exhibition and events space with clear entry points from the city centre, car park and other locations across the festival site.