During the build-up to 2023, a series of public events will be staged in the city centre based on the Sunderland Future Living Expo themes.


    Focussed on the housing and construction industries; exploring the potential of off-site and technology-led construction and the creation of new skills and delivery capacity in Sunderland and the North East.

    Year 1 of the engagement programme is called Advanced.

    MMC roundtable

    Positioning Sunderland as a distinctive and strategic location for Advanced housing manufacturing

    Prototype House

    Developed with Northumbria University and MOBIE to enable knowledge transfer and testing

    Design Challenge

    The Sunderland Home design challenge for school and college-aged students


    Year 2 of the engagement programme will focus on sustainability and low-carbon living. Green will explore the potential of Future Living to shift consumption patterns, harness renewable energy and develop community-led approaches to the natural environment at Riverside Sunderland.

    Green is about the planet, environment and relationship with nature, and will be delivered as a lifestyle event in Riverside Park during the Spring of 2021.

    Events will be hands-on, informative and accessible, exploring food and micro-agriculture alongside future living topics such as wellbeing, low-carbon living and mobility. Live and static content will be aligned and informed by the environmental ambitions behind Riverside Sunderland.


    Year 3 of the engagement programme will focus on Smart technology and the benefits this can bring to future living. It will showcase Smart Home and Smart City solutions and demonstrate how AI and interactive systems can create safe and adaptable environments.

    There will be two key events during Year 3:

    A conference exploring the future of smart home and smart city technology and considering topics such as digital healthcare, home working, climate control, active transport, interactive and mood lighting and how smart technology can enhance community life.

    An exhibition that previews how smart home and smart city technology will be embedded in the Expo experience. The exhibition will showcase lifestyle, entertainment, digital and wearable technology and demonstrate how technology can support everyday future lifestyles.